Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Here are a few cards I made up a few days ago. Some of the ideas came from Stamp It magazine.

Had to do one more before cleaning up. The card reads Happy Birthday in the inside.
Both ideas came from Stamp It magazine. Designer Kaylyn Kepner

Thinking this will be the last two for the day...but then again ya never know. Might get a wild hair tonight and do a few more :) :) :)

Thought this lil turtle had a good point! :)

The inside of this one reads..."and mine is unlisted" LOL...too funny~ Idea came from the Stamp It magazine. The original designer is Gretchen Clark.
This was a fun lil card I did this morning. I really am starting to like owls. There is just something about them :)

A Beautiful Day

Hello My One And Only Follower!!!
I feel so lonely lol....
It's gonna be a good day...another brisk morning and we are expecting rain and snow tonight! Wooooohooooo!
Woke up and the first thing I see on my welcome screen is news about soda and cancer. OMG...bad bad bad....and here I was "thinking" about doing weight watchers??? Uh HELLLLLOOOOOO...no thinking about it. TODAY IS THE DAY...would love for you to join me for the journey...could be fun and helpful. Just thought I would ask. And hey, if anyone else happens to ever read this and would like to have a WW buddy just let me know. So needless to say..less sitting at my craft table and more movin around. Chicken is out for dinner tonight! Arggggggg....feeling like I am walking against gravity.
Ok e'nuf on that....
I am excited about a new card I am going to make today with the new stamps Brandy and I bought yesterday. We shall see how it turns out. I really need to get my speed down. Really, it shouldnt take me all day to make a single card LOL.
Have a GREAT day...
=^!^= StampHappy=^!^=

Monday, February 8, 2010

Welcome To Stamp Happy's Blog Spot

Hello~ Thanks for stopping in to visit my lil' corner of the world. I found a new love ...card making and scrapbooking. Can you really ever have too many stamps? LOL....Uh no! I have officially gone to the 'other side' ...can never pass up a cute stamp! Hopefully in time I will begin posting my finished projects to share with you all. Gotta give a shout out to Brandy if it weren't for her I would never have started. I would be thousands of dollars richer lol...but hey, it a wonderful hobby! Thanks PenBrandy...your the BEST!