Tuesday, February 9, 2010

A Beautiful Day

Hello My One And Only Follower!!!
I feel so lonely lol....
It's gonna be a good day...another brisk morning and we are expecting rain and snow tonight! Wooooohooooo!
Woke up and the first thing I see on my welcome screen is news about soda and cancer. OMG...bad bad bad....and here I was "thinking" about doing weight watchers??? Uh HELLLLLOOOOOO...no thinking about it. TODAY IS THE DAY...would love for you to join me for the journey...could be fun and helpful. Just thought I would ask. And hey, if anyone else happens to ever read this and would like to have a WW buddy just let me know. So needless to say..less sitting at my craft table and more movin around. Chicken is out for dinner tonight! Arggggggg....feeling like I am walking against gravity.
Ok e'nuf on that....
I am excited about a new card I am going to make today with the new stamps Brandy and I bought yesterday. We shall see how it turns out. I really need to get my speed down. Really, it shouldnt take me all day to make a single card LOL.
Have a GREAT day...
=^!^= StampHappy=^!^=


  1. Great minds think alike because 10 minutes before I sat down to read your blog I took out chicken for dinner tonight....lol....My plans for the day include clean, make a card, do laundry, make a car, take a shower, make a card, make dinner, make a card.....lol sound fun...lol

  2. Aw heck...you can clean later! I still have 48 more hours before Wayne comes home...wooooohoooo! Enjoy your day....:)

  3. I just realized that they have turned off the water until 2:30 so no cleaning for me....off to craftland....