Friday, April 9, 2010

And The Winner Is.........

Well, it's like this....
when it comes to computer tech stuff...well, quite frankly I am a total tard!
With that being said, no video at this point in the game. But, I do have the software that I need to make it a bit they say :)
I will eventually get to making videos but right now I am working really hard at getting my website up and running. It's taking a wee bit longer than expected. Once I get that all dialed in I will have more time to dedicate to this blogging, facebook and videos!
Now, the news you all have been so patiently waiting for....the winners for the "Lets Make It To 50" drawing. The next drawing will be when I hit 75. So be sure to send along your friends.
First place winner is Manders 19782002. Second place is Christina Kallio and the third place is Bram Fam.
Here's the catch...:) If you're not following my blog you wont know you're a winner! I will post on facebook. If winners don't come forward within 7 days I will pull new names.
Hope you all will stop by the website too. Here is the addy but its not open just yet. You can sign up for the newsletter and be kept up to date on the next drawings!
Have a restful weekend!

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