Saturday, March 27, 2010

Good Saturday Morning To You~

WOW, its a B E A U T I F U L morning here. The bulbs have all bloomed...the sun is shining...and the birds are singing their morning praise!
Went to Home Depot last night and bought some new color for my beds. Will be spending the day planting and getting ready for Easter. Easter morning has always been a tradition of Italian Easter bread, hard boiled colored eggs, salami and hot cocoa. You either love it or hate it! lol...My kids have all grown up on and have become accustomed to the 'flavors'. Will be sure to post picures. The greatest thing for me this Easter is that my parents who are up there in years will be spending it with us. As well as my brother who I dont see often enough. He flew in yesterday to LA to spend a week. So excited to see him. So blessed I am :)

Ok, so enough on that...I want to thank those of you who have joined my blog. I will do my best to be sure to update as often as possible. I will start posting videos as well. :) Just got to get the nerve to do it. LOL

okokok...I'm rambling on here...I wanted to show you the new lil stamp racks Wayne put up for me yesterday. I had all the wooden stamps in a box and it just didn't work out well for me. I will be selling these made to order on my website. Any size..sold by the foot! :)

Let me get the picture posted and then off I go to work in the yard!

Enjoy the day~


  1. Too many great memories you've flooded my mind with. Many,MANY years ago, before you were born, your mother, my mother, Zia Elma and Nonna would gather in the kitchen the night before Easter, every year, and make the sweet bread you speak of along with the other food preparations for Easter Sunday. Please let Zia and Uncle Gene know I think of them often and miss those days. Kiss them and Mark for me.

  2. Have fun , I will be working in my yard as well it will be 70 in Colorado Yeah. Not sure if the snow is finished but I am ready to get my hands dirty. Have a great day.

  3. Angela I will for sure pass along the 'love' Would love for you to be here. You could make it in a days drive ya know :)

  4. Well Peggy, enjoy the 70 degrees..I was until I just saw on the news we are expecting snow! Arrrrggg...really thought that was behind us. Does it to me each year and you would think by now I would learn LOL

  5. Way to go Wayne you the man!!!

  6. Ohhhh tortolo, salami, rich hot chocolate, beautiful eggs.. LOVE Easter!! My mom and I always decorate the table the night before with Nonna's flower napkin rings. This year Evan will help us. And this will be his first taste of tortolo. :-D

  7. Wow You are really getting this started..all of your ideas for the drawings sound don't need our ideas you have plenty of your own..wait till you run out of ideas..just make sure I win something..probably wouldn't winif I was the only one in the's 73 in South Dakota too..wonderful..winters over..

  8. LOL...Betty, sounds like you have the same luck at winning things as I do! I need 4 more have 4 friend? Send my way...that will increase your chance of winning. Each time you send a friend and they sign up for the blog your name gets entered again.:)
    We're almost there!!!!