Saturday, March 6, 2010

Helpful Hint For The Week~

Ok, so a dear friend of mine turned me on to BABY WIPES! Oh my gosh...the next best thing to sliced bread. I had a stamp pad cleaner...LOL LOL...yea, uh NO! With as much stamping as I do that was a joke. Use baby wipes! Freakin unbelievable...easy, economical and a million and one uses. I buy mine at the dollar store. I bought the first plastic container at Target for a buck-seventy nine...then I just add the refills. I use them to wipe up my work area...clean my stamps.. my hands...clean the kids hands when they come in etc. I even use them to make stamp pads!!! Yep, you simply take a coupld of baby wipes. Fold them to make them into a shape of a stamp pad. Add ink drop from reinkers and wa la! You have custome colors. Simply use it as you would a regular stamp pad.
Feel free to send me questions and I will post them with the answer next week!


  1. I have been waiting and waiting for you to post something and finally you do....Thank you my hugs and smooches to you!! Brandy

  2. I know I know....will try and keep up on this!
    Hugs right back to ya!

  3. I use baby wipes for everything. Carry them in my car and use them to pick up spills and use them to clean my stamps and wipe down things real quickly.