Friday, March 26, 2010

March 26th

Ok, I really thought I was going to follow thru and be sure to update my blog at least once a week. I lied! GASP~ LOL...
But, I really really will try this week.
I do have some new news. I am finally getting my website up and running. Once it opens I will have a special grand opening. For those who follow my blog I will be having drawings and free giveaways. Invite your friends :)
Will post the addy once I officially open up. So excited!

Ok, so tip of the week...this one I just found this morning.
My husband bought me the 12 x 24 inch cutting mats for my circut. Bless his heart..he thought 'bigger the better' LOL...well, I dont really have a use for the longer ones at this point. But, didn't want to take them back because I didn't want to hurt his feelings. Was putting them away in the closet...never to be seen again and BOOM! The thought...the light...the epiphany of all epiphany! Take the 2 and make into 4. I cut them right on the 12 inch mark and ended up with 4 mats for the price of 2. Go on...bow...bow...bow...LOL...I know huh? Great idea. So, next time you see the large mats on sale...pick 'em up. YOU can use them :)


  1. How cute is that?!?! My husband would NEVER think to buy me Cricut mats! What a great idea! (especially if you can save a little money!!)

  2. Just a busy have been busy with your birthday and things going on..we understand but will be waiting patiently to see you web site day at a time..what a thoughtful husband thinking of buying you a big mat..I do have one too but don't use it much either except for wall phrases it's handy.

  3. Ya know ladies...when you find a good one ya just gotta hold on to him no matter how much he drives you crazy! LOL