Monday, March 29, 2010

Sunday March 29th

Alright....looks like we are getting there. Only have about another 20 people to go and I will post the first give away! I have a couple of questions for you all and would really appreciate any input. Ok, here goes...
Would you prefer to win a gathering I put together for you or, would you rather be given a certain dollar amount that can be spent on my website? In other words...I could give the choice of a $50.00 value package I put together OR you could go on the website and spend $50.00 on whatever you choose. Should it be a choice or should I just say this week is this or that? And what about this. Kinda like the ol' lets make a deal for those of you who are OLD like me. Where Monty would give you the option of box A B or C? I would show a picture of the boxes and you pick. That would be video taped as well. Ummm, what else was there? Oh yes....Ok, so I notice there are a lot of videos out there. Some are really fun to watch others fingers on a chalk board...LOL...(sorry) What are you looking for? One that has lots of in...cut paper to...tape paper to...flip paper...etc etc etc...or more of just a quick slapin it together but then giving the details at the end of paper sizes and such. Trying to keep this short. Do you prefer talking thru the whole video or perhaps a lil background music with sub titles as to what I am doing? How about shorter blog entries with no mis spelled words... LOL LOL..sorry..just have a million ideas running around and wanna try and bring you a great site.
Ok, one more thing then I will save the rest for another blog entry. How about a card contest? In other words you send a picture of your card I post it here on the blog and bloggers vote. Who ever gets the most votes in a specified period of time wins a lil prize??? Dumb? Would posted with names unless you wanted your name posted. Thought maybe a number system would be best. okokok...thats all for now. THANK YOU for any input you can give.


  1. I always like suprises, so a randomly put together gift is always great, UNLESS it's like one I won once - it was a hodge podge of things that were used! LOL! Guess they got tired of the stuff, but hey, something is better than nothing, right?!

    I like having details; there's nothing worse than having no idea what to do, wear to cut, but at the same time, don't want a million things either, kwim? As for music, I personally don't like most sites with it... especially when I'm surfing at night in bed with the laptop and something starts blaring!

    Hope this helps some!

  2. Awsome! THANK YOU so much for that. The used stuff..OMG I wont even go there. I could tell you many a story about that. All items will be NEW...purchased for each drawing. Hopefully themed but then again maybe not! lol...
    Again, thanks for posting. It really is helpful :) :) :)

  3. Hm its a good question....i think its cool to have different one time u pack sth and show what the give away will be....the other time u give a gift certificate for ur page......and another time u could make a suprise package....something like its always something else and its not boring ^^

    but thats just my opinion


  4. Thanks Anne for the input. I really do appreciate it:) I do agree...gotta keep it fun!

  5. I like surprised and would appreciate stuff you put together. You have an awesome blog and enjoy seeing you on facebook. Have a great day.

  6. A little bit of everything would be nice becauses it's always fun to get new things you haven't tried before.

  7. Oh My Gosh!!! This sounds like sooo much fun!! I would soo love to win ANYTHING!! Would I like to win something that you have taken your time and effort to put together and make me feel special??? OF COURSE!! Would I love to win a certain amount of $..?? Sure, maybe you have something that I don't and would love to buy.. I think that is a win/win situation. And sooo much fun!! Thanks for taking the time to read this...:0)

  8. I would be happy with any way you decide to do a giveaway. As for the instructional videos I like ones that are not to slow but still give you the details of how to make the cards including the sizes. Your blog is really cute and I look forward to continuing to follow you! Best of luck!


  9. What fun and exciting stuff you have going on over here :) I like the idea of suprise give aways with prizes you pick. I love videos, but you are right, some are just painful. Here's what I like the most an overview of what will be needed, saying what size things were cut at (card layers etc) a good shot of the finished project and I really like it when there is a still picture on the blog, then you can click on the instructional video. I enjoy the ones where people are personable and friendly and organized, they are so much easier to follow along with. Oh and well lit :) best of luck, I'm looking forward to your videos! Andrea

  10. I love surprises so I like the idea of you puting something together for the prizes. It is a way to maybe get something to try that you would never pick out yourself. Of course, $ to spend at your site would be great too so maybe you need to mix it up a bit and do it differently each time.
    For videos, I like to have all the details! I like to hear what you have to say versus subtitles. This way you can give helpful hints as you go along. One thing that drives me crazy is poor quality audio. There are some videos where the speaker is so muffled you can't understand a word they say!
    I am sure you will learn as you go! Don't worry about it! I think we are all pretty understanding gals!